Opening Day Ticket Assignment – Case Study

This was one of the assignments I had in school – create a fake ticket for the Detroit Tigers. Lets talk about how I thought this through.

The parameters of the assignment said we had to use one photo of players that they supplied, along with the seat and game information.  Besides those instructions, the world was my oyster. I picked JV because he is/was my Tiger.

The first thing I did was go through all the Tigers ticket stubs that I have (don’t act like you don’t save your tickets) to look for inspiration.  I ended up liking the plain tickets the most, when the tickets tried to hard, they just looked cluttered and ugly.

I chose the plain background to make the information and single image the main points of the ticket.  The information was not going to get lost in a sea of crap.  Since I knew I was going with a plain BG, that made the decision to create a border an easy one.  I didn’t want to have just one main color, because I knew the blue, orange and white all look great together.

I gave JV a little bit of a glow, just to make him pop off the BG a little bit, and basically all that is left design wise is information and typeface.

I ended up finding the font before settling on how everything would be set up. It was easy to read while being a little smaller, and yet somehow said “fun and relaxed”, which are two things I think everyone should be aiming for when they spend their evenings (or afternoons on sundays/in April/games before travel) out and about.

I found the Opening Day banner from Google, which I know is normally a no-go, but my teacher didn’t mind since we we were not printing or selling these.  I decided to put the seat info at the top of the ticket because I decided that the most important info should be at the top, and knowing where you’re sitting is basically the only reason you would look at you’re ticket.  Unless the game is boring, in which case you might be checking it out in the 6th.

For the bottom, I put a giant white box to ease the cluttered look, and added a barcode, which I thought was a nice touch (I was also the only one in class to add a barcode).  Pardon me while I pat my own back.

Found some compatible logos from Google (again I know that normally is a no-go), stuck those on with the team names, and BOOM, we have a ticket ready to be printed. For a game that was 2 years ago.

I also won the class vote for best looking ticket.

I just wanted to stretch out my other shoulder for that pat on the back.

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